This is not as lame as it could be... but pretty close.

Yo! Welcome to my site! For reference, my name is Synchro. I got it off a stereo function. Aren't I special? Moving on-! This is a little place for my art, others art, anime, manga, stories, fanfics, RP logs, whatever! Send me whatever the hecks you want! (Errr, no hentai please? This is a clean site! ^^;) Send me a photograph of a block of cheese and I'll send you an e-mail brimming with boundless joy! Seriously? Well maybe, depends on the type of cheese. **cough** As a vague label, however, I would assign this place as a loose compliation of works by myself and others, whether they be published or no (I'm certainly not! ^_~).

This site was made by me for anyone who darn well wants to take notice. One kiwi munching morning of spring break I woke up and said to myself, 'I want to learn HTML and I want to do it now.' *BAMF!* Site was born! (born being a relative term, uh-hee ^^;) Really though, people kept asking me where I had a gallery up. Well I DID have one up at, but that seems to not want to work anymore (thanks for dealing with that while it lasted, DarkHawk), so... here's home base now, I guess. Least for a little while. >_>;

I would go into more detail about what's up, but hey, you may have read above, and I hope you can see the sections listings in the frames. ^_~
(Might I suggest you check out the section for a nice upkeep on posted materials?)

HEY! Want to know 'when and where' updates without checking in everyday?

I'll send out an update newsletter. ^_~

Synchro's Current Status:
  • Home alone! No parties though. ... Well, no big ones. ^_~
  • Signed up for school... can you not smell the impending doom?
  • Since when have I had a social life?
    ---Sorry for the glaring lack of updates. -_-;

    Well, I seem to be focusing on the drawings section. I have plenty of material for the Manga section though... I just haven't scanned it. Eeek. ^^; Hai, hai, we'll see.

    Mouse art! This is some little creature thing from Ragnarok Online
    Also, visit these places, please? They're nifty, you know. I mean it! They're comics sites! Laugh at the funny! And vote for them if you visit, too! ^_^

    Kamui's NeoGeo World
    It's the best of both coming worlds, sprites AND hand drawn comics in two separate oddball strips.
    Pez-Man's 'Quest for Pez'
    The Great Beyond. Actually, this has quite a few comics linked on it, as well as it's own flash comics, games, forums... just a lot of cool stuff.
    My drawn comics can be reached through both Kam and Pez's sites, if you're interested. ^_~

    Oh yeah! Don't be shy, I need some feedback, and comments are great. Please? LOL ^_~

    Really! I love checking e-mail! You'll get a response! ^_~

    Crayola colored pencil
    Here's the copy write stuff, because I can. All material and graphicing on this page was conceived, created, and owned (loosely) by some California citizen who obviously has too much time on her hands. These images may not be used without permission, or you will be sued for no apparent reason. Well not really, but please ask? That's all I'm shooting for here, the e-mail is right here for you. And yes, I can say this all now, because I haven't gotten any manga or anime captures up right now, ne? Wai! Other than that, have a good day! ^_^ \\//
    This site is written and updated by Synchro
    (start date: 4/20/03 - Four Twenty? What was I thinking? Oh well)