Friction would... she really would...

Well, this is the section for my comics I suppose. I've tried a few, scanned a few... never really got too far on any of them so far. Have to find the right niche. Or something.
At any rate, Chaos Shatter is hosted on Kamui's site, because he's special. The next two, SPOON and ZiP, are pretty old... I just haven't gotten back to them (YET. Not yet.... =_=;)

If you check out Chaos Shatter, vote for Kamui's site? It's really quite nifty. It's the one that has a sprite and a hand drawn comic. You can't resist the niftiness. ^_~

  • Chaos Shatter
    -----Synchro and FrictionBurn in the year 23XX, protecting the peace... usually. This based off an old RP that I was quite fond of, so the back history and characters are mostly from that. If all goes well though, it shouldn't be confusing by way of the strip flow alone. ^_~
    *NOTE: I plan on starting this one up again very soon... we'll see how lazy I shall maintain to be... I like that stick figure one that's up though... tee-hee. -^_^-

    -----Synchro finds herself at odds with the author and gets tossed into a world of insanity she never thought to have to deal with outside the company of FrictionBurn.

  • Zero in Pokeworld
    -----Zero awakes to find himself in another, decidedly less technological world, then he's used to. What's more interesting are all these crazy little animals running around, most notably one that seems to be called a 'Discochu'...

  • Sonic Screwball
    -----Sonic the Hedgehog and friends spend their time fighting Robotnik, evening scores, and 'borrowing' on another's things... The world of Mobius needs psychiatric assistance. ^_-;

    Ayana's Comics~
  • Insert Title Here
    -----Ayana made a comic! What about? Her trails and tribulations with the help (?) of her friends from The Great Beyond! ...Well maybe. Whatever it is, it doesn't involve explosions. Darn.

    Here's the copy write stuff, because I can. All material and graphicing on this page was conceived, created, and owned (loosely) by some California citizen who obviously has too much time on her hands. Well no, all the comics she made. Ayan's and other people stuff are their own works. ... ... Uhhhh, anyway... These images may not be used without permission, or you will be sued for no apparent reason. Well not really, but please ask? That's all I'm shooting for here, the e-mail is right here for you. And yes, I can say this all now, because I haven't gotten any manga or anime captures up right now, ne? Wai! Other than that, have a good day! ^_^ \\//
    This site is written and updated by Synchro
    (start date: 4/20/03 - Four Twenty? What was I thinking? Oh well)