Here are some sites I visit. Mostly comics. Go figure, huh? :D

Homestar Runner As if you don't already know. Strong Bad Eeeeeeee-mail!

The Great Beyond Flash comics, forums, links to other sites... Really neat! Please go and vote for it.

Realm of Algath ...and etc. Kamui's site! Comics, art, sprites, and a bunch of other crazy stuff. Go check it out. ^_~ And remember to vote for his site, too.

DMFA: Dan and Mab's Furry Adventures A comic with a sense of humor so quirky that I don't even know what's going on some of the time. Go check it out!

Dominic Deegan: Oracle for Hire A Seer of the future, a talking cat, an illusionist, a white mage, and couch forts. Go Mookie!

Sluggy Freelance A comic that's been running for several years now, and updates daily! Everything from pimpin' vampires to holiday wars.

Bob and George First sprite comic I ever read. And what made me a Megaman fan. Awwwe, memories...

Legacy of Kain: Laugh Reaver The Legacy of Kain gaming series based itself off a absurdly complex storyline. This comic just bases itself off absurdity. And the series. Usually.

The World of Xanth An RP forums board that a friend of mine started... not too many users, but it could be fun if it gets off the ground.

RPGClassics Got gaming questions? They've got shrines. And message boards. And gaming events. And a really quirky sense of humor. :D

Neopets It's a popular virtual pets site... but truthfully, I just like the games... When I'm really bored... @_o;

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