Webmistress Synchro

This actually happened, too! Well sorta. That's me, Synchro, and Friction Burn. Me, myself, and I!

Oh my, what do I say about myself? Like anyone's coming to this section anyhow. ^_~
I'm an eighteen year old who lives in California, USA. I really don't know much about site making, I'm just trying to teach myself a trade or two. ^_~ I have two old dogs, two cats who think they rule the house, and one cat who thinks I'm his mommy. There's also four goldfish, but they don't let me pet them, so they don't count.
I like to draw, sing, and comic (though I don't give myself credit as having 'talent'). I also like playing video games and RPGing. Getting together and holding a D&D session isn't quite my thing though I've decided. Better to do it online. Easier to get to. You also can't cut off what someone else will say so easily, so it's easier to say anything at all. ^_^

A few people wonder if I'm bipolar, because apparently I'm impossible to annoy or upset. I wouldn't say that that's entirely true, but I will say that it feels a lot better to be happy then otherwise. ^_^ There's good in everything, people! Even if it's not so good, there's still some amusement value to be had sometimes. Eh.

Hey hey! Want to know what's really going on in this hollow head of mine? Check out my online journal! I'll try to update it more, I sorta went into a very very spotty internet mode for the past... what, three months? NYAR!
Moving on, here's some likes and dislikes o' mine!

Make up
Climbing steps 2 at a time
Colored pencils
Jewelry (in general)
Public Speaking
Playing Bloody Roar II against friends

Here's the copy write stuff, because I can. All material and graphicing on this page was concieved, created, and owned (loosely) by some California citizen who obviously has too much time on her hands. These images may not be used without permission, or you will be sued for no apparent reason. Well not really, but please ask? That's all I'm shooting for here, the e-mail is right here for you. And yes, I can say this all now, because I haven't gotten any manga or anime captures up right now, ne? Wai! Other than that, have a good day! ^_^ \\//
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(start date: 4/20/03 - Four Twenty? What was I thinking? Oh well)