Here's the place where I tell you all that happened in the past... however many days or weeks I decide to keep listed here, just so you don't miss stuff. Don't you feel special that us (me) here at the Synchro Website care? Sure you do. Here's some very boring information for you now. ^_^

8/8/04: Well, I still stink at updating. Blaaaah... Anyhow, there were a few things going on with the server that messed up a lot of the stuff I had up, and the URL got shifted, and blah blah blah, but hopefully everything is pretty much stable in some sense of the word again! I finally got two more chapters to Jade's story up, put up some art for a guy named Renan from RPGClassics (though I don't think he's a staffer, just a chat/board fiend :D ), went around and fixed a lot of the little broken things, put up a links section (though it is small and banner-less), and a few other things that probably aren't even noticable, so I wont bother bringing them up. ^_^
One point I do need to mention is that my PC is having some major issues right now. It even blue screens and crashes when I load Microsoft Word for kiwis sake! It's annoying when you have to be 'clever' about saving files... and then can't run a file search without crashing the computer. Grr. But yes. I can't do very much with it right now, just as I can't do very much about it, either. I can still plug things and put up images, but seeing as how I can neither scan, recieve file sends over IM systems, or access e-mail file attachments ATM... they'll have to be things I already have on my PC- or text. Isn't it grand? I just hope I can use any form of word processing that possesses speel chek by the 16th. Which is when school starts for me. Wh00! @[email protected]; Laters~

3/2/04: Been a while much!? Ye freakin' gads I'm evil, LOL. Been busy, but not so busy that I should neglect the site so.... oi. Anyhow, I went into the Drawings section and deleted a few of my things out. I have a few new things, but I'm not going to link them in yet. I have to go clean some housie nooks! A few points made here may shed some light on that little detail. Needless to say, I've been attending real life issues a tidge more then internet things. Ask some of my friends, they haven't seen me for quite and while here and there, LOL. Anyhow, I'll plan to next upload more chapters to Jade's story and actually freakin' do something with Guardian's drawing section. It sorta got ofted, didn't it? Eh. I've had material from both of them for quite a while now.... Argh.... ._.; I'm next going to completely redo stuff in the manga section. I don't want to put up like thirty pics or more per book, LOL. Yes, I'm just that lazy. So sue me. (Please don't. ^_-;) Anyhow, yep! Gotta go clean some overly perfumed rooms! **dawns a gas mask and hops off!**

9/6/03: Well, If you didn't catch Guardian's new pics in the Drawings section, you wont for a while. He asked me to take them down. Said they weren't done, but he'd get back to them... Anyhow, sorry everyone, especially you Guardian. ._.;

9/5/03: Okay! If you check out the Drawings page, you'll notice that a few more pics have been added to Guardian's section, as well as my Megaman.EXEish Stuff. What's actually note worthy right now is that I have a fronter page set up for the drawings page! You know, everyone having their own gallery page and all? Less scrolling. Only problem is I have to go and change the destination links on every picture. This might take a while... Workwise. I'll try switching over and posting more pics for you all ASAP. Have to do HW tomorrow though, and it seems I may have my Sunday relatively tied up, so we'll see...

9/4/03: Har. It's official, I suck. No really, don't try to unconvince me or something. I mean, if it took me THIS long to come back just to fix some file extension mishaps...
At any rate, I've come back like a wildfire and am burning my way through the errors! I put up two new pics by Ayana, two by Dragon_Tear, and a colored version of one of my pics. You'll find them by the only pics in the drawings section with 'NEW!' icons next to them. I also have new things from Guardian, Shini, and myself that I will post... sometime. I also may be putting up a gallery of DA's CGing. Maybe. I'll have to pie him into submission first. I also think that it's about time I make a gallery fronter page so it's easier to pick your favorite artist off a list instead of suffering some scrolling insanity like it is now. I also figured I'd go through and take down some of my pics. I've got too many up that, quite frankly, I don't think should really be up. ^^; Anyhow, we'll see. Right now though I have a major headache, tomorrow I have babysitting, driving practice, HW, chores, and who friggin knows what else... but heck! We got my bathroom painted and over with! ^_^ \\// (That ate up my entire four day weekend last week!) I don't have any lights in there now though and can't use the shower... d'oh.
On a last note, one of my goldfish, Bulgey, died today.
I'll miss you Bulgey. Thanks for the years of entertainment and feeding obligations. T_T

8/1/03: Well, since the last time you were probably in, I added a few more things up in the pics section. That's not the big news though. Know what the big news is? Some stuff changed with my hosting, so now a lot of stuff on the site is majorly screwed up. Mostly picture files and what's not. I'm trying to go throuh and fix everything so it's in SOME semblance of working order, but really I'm not able to focus on it enough in many respects, so it's slow going. I'll put up another postie when, I hope to whatever higher power there maybe, everything is fixed and actually works again. Dang it dang it dang it. ~_~;

7/21/03: New D&D log. New Sonic Screwball and also Ayana's comics in the Comics section. New drawings are up by Guardian and Shini, as well as me. Fixed Jo-chan's fanfics blurbie. Sorry Jo-chan. Her story's really really great... it didn't deserve the display neglect. Bai.

7/20/02: Awe, look around! See anything new? Made a banner thing, some buttons, put pics all over the darn place in the Drawings section, put up more work in the stories section...! If you're on the newsletter list, you've been well aware of all the little steps taken. That link's on the main page for all of you who haven't yet submitted to peer pressure. Anyhow, I'm getting so much great stuff from other people now! Wai! XD There's new tags all over the darn place. I'll try to update with some comicness next time. Speaking of, anyone ever heard of Pop Culture Isn't Safe? I did two guest comics for them this week (here and here), and now I seem to be some kind of regular temp artist for them. I'll try and do a few more comics to same them from the filler demon, but... well, we'll see how I keep up on that, now wont we? Also! D&D I be doing tomorrow, so I'll probably put an update in for that sometime soon as well. Arrrgh, I need an organize for this place. Or like, a staff. Anyone want to be my minion? LOL. Awe well, good days~

7/14/03: I'M NOT DEAD! ...By teh gadsness, I am so bad. ~_~; Anyhow, in total disregard to what I need to be doing IRL, I'm going to update the site more! ^_^ Priorities, man. Just... don't tell my mom I said any of this, okay? Okay!
Go check out the Drawings section. I put up a bunch of stuff that other people did. I may get back and put up some stuff I did, though I haven't been drawing much lately. I also got all the Tokyo Mew Mew scans I wanted saved FINALLY. My scanner program has picked up this little habit of causing an error and quitting every other or so save, so it took forever to accomplish my simple tasks. -_-; Awe Windows, I love you so. At any rate, I'll be back soon as I can to add the afore mentioned manga and some doodles of my own. Ciao. ^_~

6/20/03: Arr! We have an update! I think I've done two journal entries and posted up the twelve pages of Zero in Pokeworld I drew waaaaaaaaaaay back when. If you were one of the people who I sent that to when I was making it and you have a copy that has a background when what I have posted doesn't... can you send me the final scan? They got wiped from my system sometime ago so I'm using what I've got. ^^; Oh my. Anyhow, I really have to go! My Dead Journal kinda talks about what I'm up to if you really care. Ja!

6/16/03: Well, asside from going around and messing with a lot of the code, I also posted up a link to my Dead Journal on the 'About Synchro' page, as well as adding another session log into the D&D section. I should be posting up more comics and manga scans pretty soon, so please bear with me, eh? ^_~

6/14/03: Wh00! I'm a high school graduate now, baby! No more bouts of psychological break down brought on by my evil school. ^_~ (Actually, it's district nickname was 'Hell'. How cozy) Anyway, seeing as how I haven't updated for a long while and have been doing some big important stuff, I tried to make a big important update! I revamped the main page a little, also making a new e-mail account for an updates newsletter! Mail there and you wont have to come to the site to find out what's news, you just have to check your inbox. ^_~ Moving on, in the Drawing section I added two more peoples stuff! (Ayana and Nichole) I'll try and make some sort of fronter page where you choose which 'gallery' you go to at some point, but I don't feel like there's enough stuff in there for it to be a 'problem' right now. Next up is that I posted all the issues of SPOON that I ever drew. Man that was a long time ago... I also put up one of the banners I made for it. (I need to make more banners for my other comics, danst I?). Next, I'm starting to set up pages that I can post ZIP on, and I have a bunch of manga scans I made for Battle Angel Alita and something called Tokyo Mew Mew. (Thank you so much for letting me borrow it, DMNeoBlade!) On a side note to that, I also just bought like 15 manga myself. That means that, as if I wasn't all ready behind enough in this section, when I do get a lot of time for scanning and what's not, I've got a LOT of stuff to update with! XD Lastly... I want to make a formal Links section. I don't have many things I would link though! Got a site? Want it posted? Drop me a mail and I'll stick it up. ^_~ Anyhow, I really have to go now. Chores, Grad party, mom's b-day, eeeek! ^^;;;

6/5/03: I guess I lied. UPDATE! I put more of Sonic Screwball and SPOON up in the comics section! I also went through and took a few of the 'new' icons down, so I hope they aren't plastering every square inch of my art page now. >_>; Friend permitting, I may make another update on Friday and/or Saturday. Wai! ^_^

6/4/03: I should just not even mention doing double updates... anyhow, check out the Comics section! I actually have the first two strips of SPOON up now (instead of sending it to ZIP, cause I'm evil and lazy), as well as a new series, Sonic Screwball! I'll try to work on all the comics in shifts so I don't get bored... we'll see how it works out, wont we? I may not be on for a few days coming up here- definately no significant updates atleast. Ja!

6/3/03: Awe, got another pic up. (Hikaru from Angelic Layer) I also took off the 'new' on the D&D logs over in the frames. I mean, it's been label as such for a while now, hasn't it? I'll start taking down the 'new' logos on other things soon, too. Not sure how much that means to anyone, but eh. I'll try making a double update today after I get my chores done. We'll see. ^_~

6/2/03: Well, school's still giving me dead time, so I'm still doodling! I put up two more pics in the pics section (Skuld and Urd from Oh My Goddess!) and got some more manga scans. Don't have time to write those up right now though, gomen. I was drawing Oh My Goddess! (tm) because I got a little 40pg issue for it, so I can put up manga captures for that now, too. ^_~ Battle Angel Alita comes first though! Got four books of that after all. That's not bad compared to my nine Love Hina and twelve Inu Yasha though I suppose... Erk. @_x;

5/31/03: Yes! Got Rave Master up in the Manga section! Got more pics up! If there are typos, they're either illusions or jokes! I am so going to bed! @_x; May get on later today after getting like, you know, fifteen hours of sleep and make another update. We'll see. Not only do I want to expand the manga section, but I also need to update the D&D section. That's right, we did another get together last weekend. I need to find out one of the character names though, hence I haven't posted up yet. ^^; Awe well, oyasumi. X_x;

5/30/03: Do we see a trend in update dates here? Yes, I am busy. Gomen! >_-; I put up some pics in the Drawing section though, and slapped the terrible 'NEW' icon... thing... next to them, so you don't have to go searching for specific names now! (Oddly Scaled Dragon, Human Airis?, Aura Blasting 'Airis', and two entries in the new Lines section, just incase the icons are gone when you check this ^_~) I'll try and get those Rave Master scans I promised up this weekend. Maybe even by the end of this night? We'll see. I'll try putting up things in the Battle Angel Alita manga scans section next, unless I get my hands on something else new and passing. Laters~

5/18/03: Well, I'm kinda back! The choir competition I went to went really well, and so did the concerts, plus I had fun hanging out with everyone I did this past week or so, so it's all good, yo. Anyhow, I added a new section, because, well, if you go and read the D&D Logs, you'll see why I had to. It's just... crazy go nuts. I also made a gawd aweful looking 'new' icon thingie, so there's no way anyone can miss new stuff now! I can't figure how to get off the white box outline though... Can MS Paint save things transparently? Maybe I missed the option... >_>; Oh well. ^^; I may do ANOTHER update later tonight, if I can get on again. IF. We'll see. ^^;;;

5/6/03: Took me a while, but I got a bunch of Cowboy Bebop: Shooting Star manga scans up in the Manga section! (Fancy that, ne?) I also posted anohter pic in the Drawings section under dragons by the title of 'Evil Airis'. I may come in and do some small updates here and there later this week, but probably wont do a mentioning update till Monday. This weekend will be busy! Good l for me! Good luck you all~ ^_^ \\//

5/3/03: Well, this isn't just for today. It's sort of an all encompassing thing. I edited sections so that only active links are... well, active. That means, yes, there is a little bit up in both the manga and anime sections now! Not much mind you, but atleast I'm setting a format out, ne? Eh, I'll get working on it more sometime, I promise. ^_^

5/1/03: What better way to bring in the new month then with an update? Wah! Molvaki's drawings have been added to the Drawings section! Now he'll be pressured to draw more, ne? Well, maybe not, but we've still got a little corner HQ for him, now haven't we? Yes we do. Go check it out! ^_~

4/30/03: Wow, has it really been that long? Anyhow, I added a few more pics to the Drawings section. Also 'PC Art' and 'Whatever' categories there. Newest drawings are in those sections, but the actual new ones that I drew yesterday and today are Chi from Chobits (Anime) and an angel thing (Whatever) I drew cause I was really bored. (NOTE: Synchro has no affiliation to any particular religion. Thank you) Other stuff I added is just old stuff I hadn't gotten up yet. There'll be a lot of that. Have good days! ^_~\\

4/24/03: Kamui points out the I spell 'copy write' wrong. Let me assure you that, yes, I am an idiot, but that isn't a typo. ^_~

4/24/03: Started posting up some semblance of a gallery. A lot more to come though. Oh boy. ^^;

4/23/03: Information for Battle Angel Alita was written and posted, along with some basic frames work for manga scans. I'll upload that skeleton onto the other titles sometime, but I don't have anything for them yet, gomen.

4/22/03: Put up a list of animes and manga titles I want to make info pages on, but none of them lead to anywhere specific as of now. I'll have to work on that after I clean up my drawings page... which was the main point to making this page in the first place. Nyar.

4/21/03: The Fanfics page now has two different story lines of mine up. When will I work on them again? We shall see. I will though, someday.

4/20/03: Site hath been made! Well, the main and main sub-pages at least. Let's work on some specialized links now, shall we?

Here's the copy write stuff, because I can. All material and graphicing on this page was concieved, created, and owned (loosely) by some California citizen who obviously has too much time on her hands. These images may not be used without permission, or you will be sued for no apparent reason. Well not really, but please ask? That's all I'm shooting for here, the e-mail is right here for you. And yes, I can say this all now, because I haven't gotten any manga or anime captures up right now, ne? Wai! Other than that, have a good day! ^_^ \\//
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