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  • MegamanX: Maverick
    - Kamui has the chapters posted here. Man I need to revise these... Anyhow...-
    X and Zero are sent into a war zone where they run into a mysterious black reploid named Forte. Zero disappears in the midst of the situation however, leaving X to fend off the amassed enemy forces with his newly assigned unit, unravel the greater purpose behind their aggression, as well as recover his best friend.
    Prologue-Ch.1-Ch.2-Ch.3-Ch.4 --Status-- Incomplete

  • Sonic the Hedgehog: Gathering the Scraps
    Sonic the Hedgehog was killed years before in a hazy freak accident while fighting Robotnik, but still the Freedom Fighters struggle on. Now, another Mobian hedgehog named Scrap has appeared who is also capable of running at super sonic speeds. He is partially robotisized and lives in apathy and anger though, largely due to his all most total state of amnesia regarding his past. Could Sonic have survived as a cybernetic wanderer after his apparent death, or is Scrap merely ominously similar to the acclaimed hero? More importantly, will he aid the faltering Freedom Fighters or cast them out on their own in their efforts to defeat Robotnik?
    Prologue-Ch.1-Ch.2-Ch.3-Ch.4 --Status-- Incomplete

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  • The Cynic's Quest:
    Jack is a normal kid with normal expectations being sent to an anything but normal boarding school. The students all sneak out and meet in the night, the teachers have less than upstanding personalities and habits, and there's this one crazy girl named Niko that seems to have some sort of intent to kill everyone. Yet Niko is the only person on campus Jack can connect to... sort of. Will he make it out of school without injury, or more importantly- his life?
    Ch.1-Ch.2-Ch.3-Ch.4-Ch.5 --Status-- Incomplete

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  • Megaman: Ebony Heaven
    This uses Japanese names, so really it's Rockman. A very interesting and well wrought spin on the series. Taken from the perspective of the first successful android of Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, this goes far beyond the bounds of streaking off to battle eight robot masters on a whim. How far would you go to be accepted?
    Ch.1-Ch.2-Ch.3-Ch.4-Ch.5-Ch.6-Authoress's Notes-Ch.7-Authoress's Notes-Excuses-Ch.8 --Status-- Incomplete

    The LiveJournal dedicated to commenting on story progress can be found here.

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  • Super Happy Fun Fun Japanese Cartoon Crossovers
    What happens when an anime fan has complete and total power and absolutely no idea how to use it? Here's one example. DBZ meets Pokemon meets a bunch of other random things for no apparent reason. If anything, it'll teach you some slight dangers regarding toffee.
    -Read the fic here!-

  • The DBZ, GT / Evangelion Extravaganssa Crossover
    Shinji was injured by the toffee last fic, so the DBZ cast is taking over Eva. Throw a very hungry Goku, overly affectionate Videl and Gohan, Vegeta trying to live in a refridgerator, and a few others together with some 'Angels' who wont die, and what do you get? A Guardian fic, I guess.
    -Read the fic here!-

  • Another DBZ crossover, this time with Pokemon
    Dissent within the Pokemon cast opens up the stage for the DBZ crew to once again cause havoc in lands abound! Pokemon play little part in this as the Z-senshi make their way to the top of the Pokemon League and then home again. No toffee this time!
    -Read the fic here!-

  • The DBZ Trip to the Funpark
    The families of DBZ (plus Piccolo and Krillen) are going on a little trip to a new theme park! What horrors do they find other than the haunted house? Family secrects and frightening fetishes! Plus some motion sickness.
    -Read the fic here!-

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